Sana Takeda’s Graphic Illustrations for Inspiration

Comic books often shortened to simply comic and sometimes called a funny book, comic paper or comic magazine have grown from simple forms of entertainment teasing our youthful imagination to expensive and most sought after collectors item and why shouldn’t it be? Each page is a work of art, it’s like having an art gallery… Read This »

Interview: Fran Rodrìguez Learte (DrFranken) of

I had an amazing experience getting to know DrFranken a little bit a few weeks back, a digital artist from Madrid and the other half of, I featured some of his mind blowing artwork in my article “The art of DrFranken”. But today I got one even better, he was cool enough to shoot… Read This »

How to set-up a free website on a free web-host for newbies

One of the regular avenues where I get my sites traffic from is Yahoo Answers! I often stop by here when things start to slow down during the day, it helps me keep myself on my toes and stretch some brain muscles while helping others with their problems related to computers and the internet which… Read This »

The art of Drfranken from Madrid (Spain)

I get a lot of emails (junk) from all platforms, mostly marketing stuff. There’s the group of emails selling money making schemes and then there are e-mail scammers who offer you discounts to non existing products or telling you that you have millions of dollars but you need to give them some money first (ROWL),… Read This »

20 Iron Man Illustrations for Inspiration

Who doesn’t know Iron Man? Even before Robert Downey Jr. wore the powerful exoskeleton, Stan Lee’s tank armor clad ultra rich playboy super hero creation has been fighting for world peace inside our imagination from comic books to animation series and now a blockbuster movie with a sequel. Born Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, he is… Read This »

Inspiration: How to Draw Cartoons Online – Jeff Scarterfield

The internet is overflowing with rare gems. Websites that we can consider a great find in the multitude of websites trying to get a piece of that popularity pie. As a web designer I am often on a quest in search of new skills I could include to my arsenal. And one time I was… Read This »

30 Night Time Photography Inspirations for Beginners

As a Photography newbie I find it really challenging to take photos at night, my first issue is focus. Getting a clean shot is really hard, capturing that right amount of focus on a subject when it gets dark, especially if your trying to shoot using natural light. Then my second handicap at night is… Read This »

How to Make Party Balloons in Photoshop Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make party balloons in Photoshop, nothing fancy, I just find balloons handy from time to time. You can use it to take up an empty space in your scene, create desktop wallpapers like the banner I borrowed from by wisseh, they can be a lot of… Read This »

30 Grunge Themed Prenup and Wedding Photography by Mango Red

Wedding photographs are almost always set in a romantic mood, always fun, sometimes mushy and borderline boring, but sometimes we get real lucky and stumble upon exceptionally interesting ones that literally jumps out of the box and get’s in your face. Like these wedding and prenup photos I compiled for you from Brought to… Read This »

8 Easy Steps to Fake an HDR Look in Photoshop

This tutorial was originally written by KolNedra it’s so unbelievably easy to recreate, I had so much fun doing it. I’m reposting it here with step by step screenshots so you can have a visual guide of what’s going on (mostly for those who are still new to Photoshop). Or go visit the original tutorial…. Read This »

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