Wedding photographs are almost always set in a romantic mood, always fun, sometimes mushy and borderline boring, but sometimes we get real lucky and stumble upon exceptionally interesting ones that literally jumps out of the box and get’s in your face. Like these wedding and prenup photos I compiled for you from Brought to us by the brain tickling perspective of the Dagooc brothers Ryan & Randall, together with their Motley Crew of photographers, illustrators, layout artists. These group can crash your wedding pictorial and turn it into a party. Just check out some of their work.

Jay and Sarah

The wedding pictures of Jay Contreras (frontman of the hard rockin’ Pinoy band “Kamikazee”) to Sarah Abad (actress) was leaked on the net a few years back and it created a lot of buzz among fans and friends. Now you can see why.

the Prenup

jay and sarah prenup at clark sarah's back sarah - fields of headstones jay with sarah jay's back the rockstar and the muse face to face each others back which way is east here's the eagle

the Wedding day

the procession the senators the setting the arrival the bride and groom the portrait pose take a walk before walking the aisle the cake and table set-up together anxious bride

Sarah and Banjo

Sarah Meier (MTV Philippines VJ) marries Banjo Albano (events producer)

the Prenup

all dressed up having a few laughs made up together

the Wedding day

bamboo chapel enchanting the vows

more prenups

paul-and-rhea masquerade farmer john lost together

Mango Red Rocks!