30 Night Time Photography Inspirations for Beginners

As a Photography newbie I find it really challenging to take photos at night, my first issue is focus. Getting a clean shot is really hard, capturing that right amount of focus on a subject when it gets dark, especially if your trying to shoot using natural light. Then my second handicap at night is exposure, since exposure requirements changes dramatically as soon as the sun goes down. So why do I even bother to shoot at night anyway? Why don’t I just wait till the next day? Believe it or not a lot of stunning images can be captured at night and without the aid of proper lights or a Flash, “tout à fait naturel” – totally natural, but it takes some serious practice time and a lot of patience.

Must read for night photography

Here is a collection of 30 photos that I hope will inspire newbies like me to not loose hope with night time photography, and continue practicing and sharing your work to rest of the community.





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