What is prodigalconcepts.com?

It started as a digital playground where I try to recreate some of the Photoshop tricks I have learned. Mostly, it was for me to reference how effects are made and by doing the tutorials expand my own understanding of how to use the tools in Photoshop. This also helped me practice and improve my writing, finding my voice so to speak.

After being employed full time at a startup and having a child I am now suffering from “Wantonis Procrastinatis” and have not written anything for Prodigal Concepts since 2014. But I’m still hopeful that one of these days I would be able to get back that energy of finding interesting things to write about.

I had an amazing time maintaining Prodigal Concepts, I met a lot of people here that eventually became my friends. But the highlight of Prodigal Concepts was being referenced on the Wikipedia entry Disney Dream Portrait Series as an external link. Woot woot!

Thank you very much for taking the time to check out Prodigal Concepts! Meanwhile if you want to check out the misfit behind all this neglected obscurity drop in anytime!