Jim Faustino’s wonderful toy sculptures

No matter how old we get we never forget our love for toys, creative folks and especially young professionals can be seen inside their favorite toy shops on the weekends (or after work) to ogle at the new released action figure. And they’re not scouting the premises to buy that shiny new toy for their… Read This »

Johann Bodin’s magic cards and illustrations

Anyone familiar with “Magic Cards” knows that a lot of talent goes into the design of a single card. And I’m not talking about those David Blaine or Criss Angel types of magic cards that disappear in front of your face. What we have is commonly known as Magic: The Gathering or just Magic and… Read This »

ElectroLychee Studio | Manila

Last week we had some visually appetizing sets with Serial Cut Studio | Madrid a company who collaborates with the best of the best the industry has to offer from photography, design, motion-graphics and 3D. Today were hitting closer to home with the dynamic duo of ElectroLychee direct from the Philippines. Individually they are Marcushiro… Read This »

Serial Cut | Image Makers since ’99

Since the conception of I have been regularly casting out my proverbial net far and wide for inspirational materials and resources to share with the community. We are so lucky to be in an industry where talent seems to be infinite; as a result inspiration is endless. You just have to know where to… Read This »

Elpinoy Chester Ocampo’s Awesome Illustrations

I’ve featured a few articles on illustrators and their illustrations since I started Graphic illustrations are manifestations of all the youthful imaginations we have as kids. Having them realized in print and digital form just makes it more enjoyable. Just like magic coming to life, it’s exciting. And with all the great artists out… Read This »

LOST – the animated series by Michael Myers at Behance

I’m a big huge LOST (T.V. series) fan even from the very beginning, so when they aired the final episode last May 23, 2010 it was a bittersweet moment for me, just like losing a long time friend. I got to know the back-story for each of the main characters like Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke,… Read This »

Sana Takeda’s Graphic Illustrations for Inspiration

Comic books often shortened to simply comic and sometimes called a funny book, comic paper or comic magazine have grown from simple forms of entertainment teasing our youthful imagination to expensive and most sought after collectors item and why shouldn’t it be? Each page is a work of art, it’s like having an art gallery… Read This »

Interview: Fran Rodrìguez Learte (DrFranken) of

I had an amazing experience getting to know DrFranken a little bit a few weeks back, a digital artist from Madrid and the other half of, I featured some of his mind blowing artwork in my article “The art of DrFranken”. But today I got one even better, he was cool enough to shoot… Read This »

The art of Drfranken from Madrid (Spain)

I get a lot of emails (junk) from all platforms, mostly marketing stuff. There’s the group of emails selling money making schemes and then there are e-mail scammers who offer you discounts to non existing products or telling you that you have millions of dollars but you need to give them some money first (ROWL),… Read This »

20 Iron Man Illustrations for Inspiration

Who doesn’t know Iron Man? Even before Robert Downey Jr. wore the powerful exoskeleton, Stan Lee’s tank armor clad ultra rich playboy super hero creation has been fighting for world peace inside our imagination from comic books to animation series and now a blockbuster movie with a sequel. Born Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, he is… Read This »

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