ElectroLychee Studio | Manila

Last week we had some visually appetizing sets with Serial Cut Studio | Madrid a company who collaborates with the best of the best the industry has to offer from photography, design, motion-graphics and 3D. Today were hitting closer to home with the dynamic duo of ElectroLychee direct from the Philippines. Individually they are Marcushiro & Bru, graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist. What exactly do they do you ask? Uhmmn, they merge illustration with design that’s all. Take a closer look and I’m sure you’ll catch them playing within the realms of the slick, computer-generated vector art combined, melded and fused with organic, hand-drawn imagery.

As full-time visual artists they frequent alternative galleries of Manila to showcase most of their pop-inspired artworks. Whenever things slow down they will keep themselves out of trouble with painting and participating in design conferences. But no matter how crazy things sometimes get you can still count on them to find the time to collaborate with local and foreign artists to come up with a brand new material.

Gaining international acclaim ElectroLychee has been featured in a number of publications, from magazines and even design books in countries like Belgium, Taiwan, U.S. and U.K. to name a few. Their work is eclectic and their list of clients shows just how dynamic our featured guests are, from apparel to hardware, record studios and Unilever, yup that’s the company that manufactures those minty Close-up toothpastes.

Be amazed and gaze in awe in the handy work of ElectroLychee.

Paintings and Illustrations

puddle detail

puddle detail by electrolychee

electro lychee sound system

electro lychee sound system by electrolychee


triad by electrolychee


sundo by electrolychee


clarityII by electrolychee

blue sausages

blue sausages by electrolychee

sci-fi lullabies (set)

scifi lullabies by electrolychee

sci-fi lullabies 2 by electrolychee

sci-fi lullabies 3 by electrolychee

sci-fi lullabies 4 by electrolychee

sci-fi lullabies 5 by electrolychee

sci-fi lullabies 6 by electrolychee

Character Design

Just-tiis League

just-tiis by electrolychee

just-tiis2 by electrolychee

lychee ninjas

lychee ninjas by electrolychee


tv5 rebrand

tv5 re-brand by electrolychee

tv ad “Papa ketchup” (characters & environment)

papaketchup by electrolychee

Find ElectroLychee on the web

Website: www.electrolychee.com

flickr: @berniebru

Blog: livejournal

ElectroLychee studio also produces Electrolychee-branded Strange Creations merchandise which is currently gaining momentum don’t be the only one without it.