Elpinoy Chester Ocampo’s Awesome Illustrations

I’ve featured a few articles on illustrators and their illustrations since I started prodigalconcepts.com. Graphic illustrations are manifestations of all the youthful imaginations we have as kids. Having them realized in print and digital form just makes it more enjoyable. Just like magic coming to life, it’s exciting. And with all the great artists out there it’s hard to describe the feeling of pride to find a homegrown talent among the multitudes of graphic illustrators we have today, it’s simply awesome.

Today we have someone who’s work would make any graphic loving Filipino proud to be Pinoy! A very talented Illustrator who goes by the name “Elpinoy” roughly translates as “The Pinoy” or “The Filipino” at deviantart.com Chester Ocampo in-real life (IRL) is a digital illustrator based in Manila. His projects include but are not limited to promotional pieces and advertising, comic books, comic book covers, character design and concept art. Chester Ocampo has been commissioned to do art work for notable companies like Animax, Cartoon Network, EA Comics, Berserk Entertainment and the list goes on.

I’ve compiled a few of his best works in this post I hope you guys like them. And may you find inspiration in his work or simply drool and enjoy them.


Warsong by Elpinoy


Aladdin by Elpinoy


Victorious by Elpinoy

the Specialist

the Specialist by Elpinoy

Test Pilot

Test Pilot byElpinoy


Sinbad by Elpinoy

“Midnight Monarchs

Midnight Monarchs

Infinity: Ambush

Infinity: Ambush by Elpinoy

Domaru Butai

Domaru Butai by Elpinoy


Darna - Darkest Hour by Elpinoy

Army of Two Across The Border

Army of Two Across The Border by Elpinoy

infinity: Human Sphere

infinity: Human Sphere by Elpinoy

FantaSiege: The Three-Kingdom War

FantaSiege: The Three-Kingdom War

Where to find Chester Ocampo on the web:

Website: www.chesterocampo.net

Gallery: deviantart





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