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  • Minimalist art deco poster design of DC heroes and villains

    Minimalist art deco poster design of DC heroes and villains

    Michael Myer’s a.k.a. drawsgood illustration’s falls nothing short of awesome. I first got a whiff of his genius when he did an illustrated series of the characters from “LOST”, I became an instant fan and I’ve been stalking him ever since. continue reading

  • Interview: Fran Rodrìguez Learte (DrFranken) of nastplas.com

    I had an amazing experience getting to know DrFranken a little bit a few weeks back, a digital artist from Madrid and the other half of nastplas.com, I featured some of his mind blowing artwork in my article “The art of DrFranken”. But today I got one even better, he was cool enough to shoot…

  • The art of Drfranken from Madrid (Spain)

    I get a lot of emails (junk) from all platforms, mostly marketing stuff. There’s the group of emails selling money making schemes and then there are e-mail scammers who offer you discounts to non existing products or telling you that you have millions of dollars but you need to give them some money first (ROWL),…

  • 30 Grunge Themed Prenup and Wedding Photography by Mango Red

    Wedding photographs are almost always set in a romantic mood, always fun, sometimes mushy and borderline boring, but sometimes we get real lucky and stumble upon exceptionally interesting ones that literally jumps out of the box and get’s in your face. Like these wedding and prenup photos I compiled for you from mangored.com. Brought to…