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  • Party balloon tutorial @photoshopmag.net

    Latest Update: It was just another ordinary day at Prodigal Concepts but with an itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny little update. One of my articles just got published in www.photoshopmag.net Woohooo! Thanks guys. photoshopmag.net is web magazine from Poland that focuses on design and all things Photoshop. The article of note was the one I wrote […]

  • Elpinoy Chester Ocampo’s Awesome Illustrations

    I’ve featured a few articles on illustrators and their illustrations since I started prodigalconcepts.com. Graphic illustrations are manifestations of all the youthful imaginations we have as kids. Having them realized in print and digital form just makes it more enjoyable. Just like magic coming to life, it’s exciting. And with all the great artists out […]

  • The art of Drfranken from Madrid (Spain)

    I get a lot of emails (junk) from all platforms, mostly marketing stuff. There’s the group of emails selling money making schemes and then there are e-mail scammers who offer you discounts to non existing products or telling you that you have millions of dollars but you need to give them some money first (ROWL), […]