Party balloon tutorial

Latest Update:

It was just another ordinary day at Prodigal Concepts but with an itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny little update. One of my articles just got published in Woohooo! Thanks guys. is web magazine from Poland that focuses on design and all things Photoshop.

The article of note was the one I wrote last March 20, I called How to Make Party Balloons in Photoshop Tutorial”, well the title says it all so if you ever wondered how to spice up an invite or a poster or a website with a nice looking balloon then check out this tutorial. You now have 2 places you can go to so enjoy. And as Bert Monroy always says, “it’s not work, it’s play”. Come back often to view the latest articles on Prodigal Concepts Dot Com.

How to Make Party Balloons in Photoshop Tutorial