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  • How to Make Party Balloons in Photoshop Tutorial

    Today I’m going to show you how to make party balloons in Photoshop, nothing fancy, I just find balloons handy from time to time. You can use it to take up an empty space in your scene, create desktop wallpapers like the banner I borrowed from deviantart.com by wisseh, they can be a lot of […]

  • 8 Easy Steps to Fake an HDR Look in Photoshop

    This tutorial was originally written by KolNedra it’s so unbelievably easy to recreate, I had so much fun doing it. I’m reposting it here with step by step screenshots so you can have a visual guide of what’s going on (mostly for those who are still new to Photoshop). Or go visit the original tutorial. […]

  • 20 Stimulating Photos from Amateur Photographers

    I have always wondered how one separates amateur photography from professional photography, is it experience? Is it the process you go through to get those award winning shots? Is it public recognition? Is it the guy who came to my high school graduation asking me to pay for a picture taken of my back? Professional […]