Sharing Desktop Wallpapers is always fun

I think one of my earliest computer skills was changing my desktop wallpaper. Some people may not agree that your desktop wallpaper is more than just an adornment of a laptop or a desktop. It could be your own personal gallery to display your digital artwork or even photographs that you are too proud to keep hidden in a boring file folder. Some people with myself included, consider it an extension and a representation of the users personality. Like how a tattoo is to your skin. I previously worked for an above average sized company where most employees were on the creative side of web development. I found it amazing how each users wallpaper is different from one to the next. Some change wallpapers to match their moods while others change their wallpaper to keep the mood up if not bring it up. Well until the company decided that it may raise some copyright issues, thus driving the wallpaper personalization deep underground, commando style. (uhurmn… excuse me!)

So please download with care and allow me to present a few wallpaper source sites that I’m hoping will give you inspiration and add some character to your “hohumn” screens. Most of them are wallpapers that I personally love, or I’m a fan of the genre. So in a kind of selfish way these are all designs that I personally like but which I’m generously sharing with all of you, right? So enjoy!

Fringe Wallpapers

I featured Fringe’s web design in my article Inspirations: Cultural themed website designs, and it was during my research that I discovered they were giving away some really cool wallpapers (which instantly put me in the sharing mood) and the best part of it is you need to play a Hidden Object Game (like the popular Ravenhearst from BigFish) before you unlock all the freebie wallpapers. You have 60 seconds to find 10 hidden objects, the more hidden objects you find the more wallpapers you will be able to unlock for download, awesome right? It may be up for a limited time only so better hurry up. Don’t worry if you’re not able to unlock all the wallpapers on the first try because you can always hit “Play Again” then it turns into a hybrid memory game. Sweet!

fringe the tv series wallpaper

the cast of fringe high quality wallpaper

Le-BD-Vore Collection

Growing up I was conditioned not to buy comic books because I was told it’s a waste of money, sad part is I listened. And now I’m trapped in a neurological jail cell that prevents me from just going for it. But my interest in comic books did not totally die out. I still love them but not enough to collect them.

I think my brain needs to be re-formatted to remove that early childhood programing. I do love DC’s Justice League characters! Batman’s my favorite, of-course Spider-man and Wolverine makes it on my list too. The back story of the characters delivers an interesting read, and the graphics never fails to wow the inner child in me, from Bob Kane to Jack Kirby to Stan Lee to Alex Ross to Frank Miller to Georges Rémi (The Adventures of Tin Tin) to Takeshi Obata (Death Note) the list just goes on and on.

I found this site some time ago while looking for a background to use on my social network profile (*hint the customizable one…), it houses a superb collection of comic book super hero wallpapers, the only kicker is that its in French, par les vous Francais? Well even if you don’t the images can definitely speak for themselves.

the adventures of tin-tin wallpaper

Alex Ross Originals

Since were on the subject of comic book graphics, Alex Ross is also giving away some of his original works for free on his website, pay him homage by using his artwork on your lap/desk-top monitors. You can also buy prints from his website, so if you’re a hardcore fan or an intellectual lover of the arts, or just a regular guy who likes the work of Alex Ross don’t forget to check it out.

Golden Age Justice League by Alex Ross

alex ross' the joker and harlequin wallpaper

Deviant Design Blog’s Retro Compilations

OK so you’re not into weird science TV programs, you’re also not interested in comic book graphics, but if you are looking for some old school inspirations then the Deviant Design (not to be mistaken for compilation might just do the trick. Its a design blog resource from the Federal Republic of Germany and they have 25 retro inspired wall papers gathered from all over to share with all of us.

deviant design wallpaper compilation retro wallpaper compilation

End credits

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will enjoy the free wallpapers and appreciate the talents that went in designing them. Till next post, keep on sharing!

Special thanks to the source sites and to the people behind them:





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