Inspiration: Digital creations from our friends at CG Society

If you love digital art as much as I do then I’ve got the perfect fix for you, I’ve compiled a few uber cool pieces from the masters over at CGSociety and the best thing about it is I’ve only uncovered the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The CGSociety is the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists. They support artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate and promote digital artists worldwide.

Aly Fell

A freelance concept artist and illustrator from the U.K. He’s into drawing pin-ups, flying things, winged things and spooky things, and Steampunk!

Pirate Girl

The Absinthe Fairy

Lady Frances Drake

Glen Angus Tribute

Judith and Holofernes

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Jeff Miller

Jeff is a Freelance Character Artist from the U.S. he has an extensive experience in the entertainment industry. With clients that includes Apple, Microsoft, Lucasfilm, Ubisoft and more. His work has graced the pages and covers of publications such as Wired Magazine, 3D World, and 3D Artist.

Brute Chieftain #2

Cover: Ghost Recon for Wii

The Black Eyed Peas tour poster

Cobra Commander


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Jaime Jasso

Jaime Jasso works as a digital matte artist for ILM in San Francisco, USA. Enough said!

A Spiritual City

Roman Stone Temple


Thekno City

Mayan City

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Steven Stahlberg

With 11 years cg experience Steven was born in Australia, lived in Sweden, Hong Kong, USA, Malaysia, 3 years art school, a freelance artist that has an accumulated experience of 21 years.

Psycho Girlfriend

Squishy (and Girl)

Fairy And Snake

Ghost Child

3d School Ad

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Soa Lee

Soa Lee is a 3D artist from Korea but is currently working in the US.


Angel’s time


Grace of the snow


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Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

French Illustrator, Concept artist, and author of the book MERLIN (Soleil)

MERLIN cover

Succubus Blues

all the windwracked stars

the Vixen – InQuest Gamer #137 cover

Hrolf Kraki

Visit Jean-Sebastien Rossbach’s Website

Visit CGSociety for more mind numbing inspirational digital works of art. Or if you think you have what it takes or passionate enough about your digital master pieces why not join the society and maybe your work will grace our pages in the near future. Goodluck!