I have gazed upon photos of Santorini while growing up, on calendars mostly. We found that the island is more breath taking in real life. Although it’s too hot even for a tropical climate dweller like myself. The sea breeze helps a lot and being surrounded by water and beautiful scenery, beautiful people as well, I really don’t mind hanging out here.

Santorini, classically known as Thera and officially named Thira, is an island in the southern Aegean Sea

Driving around the island is glorious. Traffic is almost non-existent. You may need to occasionally give way to mopeds and quads with swimwear clad riders, or rented compact cars (carrying bouncing kids) that aside from a few public buses is the only way to get around the island. It seems everyone just wants to have a great time, either at the beach, the resorts or the restaurants that serves tasty Souvlaki.

Santorini gives an impression of a small quiet town even on days when a cruise ship anchors in the bay and the population swells. The locals are friendly and accommodating. The July temperatures can hit the low to mid 40’s, but you can always count on the Aegean sea to be there and cool you down.

Fira Scenic Route

Fira | (Photo Credit: Wife)

Fira Market Place

Market Place | Fira (Photo Credit: Wife)

Oia a small town and former community in the South Aegean

The Ancient Greek Oia was one of the two harbours of ancient Thera

Parking under the sun

Parking under the sun | Red Beach

Red Beach

Iron-rich sedimentary rocks | Red Beach

Oia Windmill

Windmill | Oia

The famous sunset at Oia

Goodnight sun, see you tomorrow | Oia