10 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts Saturday; #1

It’s already Saturday and I’m wondering where the days went? Weekend is here, as if it just came out of nowhere. Like there was a week shortcut somewhere and I unwittingly took it. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you can do the same with your work, finish the job in half the time it usually takes you? Then you’ll have more time doing other stuff, like dreaming of that next grand vacation.

Which brings me to (LOL) “10 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts Saturday” issue #1. Starting today I will post 10 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that I know of every Saturday. It will benefit those who likes to dabble on some personal Photoshop projects over the weekend. This will help you guys reduce the time it takes you to navigate through Photoshop. Be warned that it takes some getting use to if you’ve been smitten by “the mouse”, but if you learn this it will immensely help you in the long run, especially on large projects.

computer keyboard

I’m not sure how to effectively categorize the list because I know we all have different ways of filing things by importance. I suggest you make a soft copy file cheat sheet that you can save somewhere for reference as I post them here.

(Disclaimer: As I’m using CS3 there could be some slight difference with other Photoshop versions reactions, also I’m on a PC so MAC users just change some of the combo keys on your side. ex. Ctrl on a PC = Cmd on a MAC etc…)

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A very special “thank you” to freevector.com for the Photoshop tool icons we will be using in this guide.

Starting alphabetically:


This will open your

Path tool

Direct Selection Tool

Shift + A

By holding the Shift key you can switch between Path tool and Direction tool as you click on A.

Ctrl + A

Will Select All, when activated is usually represented by marching ants around the canvass.

Alt + Shift + A

Applies the Blending Mode Linear Burn


Opens your trusty and very useful,

Brush tool

Pencil tool

Shift + B

By holding the Shift key you can switch between Brush tool and Pencil tool as you click on B.

Ctrl + B

Opens your Color Balance option screen

Ctrl + Alt + B

This will show your Color Balance last settings

Ctrl + Shift + B

Applies Auto Color to your image.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B

Will open your Black & White control options.


Alt + Shift + B

Applies the Blending Mode Color Burn

Well there you go, 10 + 1 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, I hope this would help you minimize the time you spend on your projects. See you again next Saturday for another set of 10 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. And remember “it’s all about the end result”.

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